Thursday, July 31, 2008

OMG! I yodel too!

Mistress of Tyrol I am not, but I have just received the Gorsuch catalog in the mail, a catalog awash with Bavarian lederhosen, Norwegian sweaters, Austrian goat leather jackets & quite a lot of really bad boot-shoes and silver & turquoise 'chunky' jewelry. As much as it appears to be an ad for Chico's, the stuff, I'm embarrassed to admit is far better than one would imagine. They made a huge effort with the last page, which includes an adorable cuckoo clock, an army of musical marmots furry animals (the yodelling skier & singing beer drinking doll included), a trio of vintage alpine walking sticks and an incredibly bad lazercut cowhide paisley clog (could I even begin to make this stuff up). You could stay that I have an absolutely authentic ambivalent reaction to it. Not to put anyone off, you can shop your till the Sound of Music is ringing in your ears here.

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