Thursday, August 21, 2008


Mark Bittman seems to have sour cherry mania too. It must be in the air (the link to his blog Bitten is at the top of the list of links on the right). He's also led me to Earthy Delights which is shipping fresh Chantarelle mushrooms. I cannot think about my Norwegian Mormor without seeing her traipsing through the wet woods of Tjøme in another eccentric outfit, her hair wrapped in a headscarf, on a quest to find kantareller. We were young then, and all the summers seemed magical. And we were used to going out with our grandmother, blue enamel mugs in hand to find bringbaer (raspberries) or the tiny wood jordbaer (strawberries). Children like to hunt for sweet fruit. Mushrooms aren't quite as exciting because you can't pop them into your mouth as you go, unlike blueberries. She fry them up in a mound of butter and a little salt and the grown-ups would moan happily as they tasted them.

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