Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Completely exhausted last night after our tourist bus experience in Montmartre (don't go - there really is no charm unless you consider balding Dutch sex tourists with multiple cameras charming) and our sojourn on a boat on the Seine in the early evening, we trundled over to Rue Courcelles and decided to take a chance on a local restaurant. Just two blocks away from where we are staying, after passing a fine fromagerie, epicerie & charcuterie as well as a boulangerie which we hadn't previously noticed, we found a little bar/restaurant on the corner of Courcelles & Mederic. Millesime. Although the menu looked dodgy (well-fingered, though rather too careful in its choice of font) but the food was fine. We started with a plat mixte (charcuterie, pate, rillettes, cheese) and then a delicious Thai curry cooked with veal & vegetables croquant. We shared a very good bottle of Pouilly Fuisse and watched as the young tumbled in at about 11pm to drink wine & espressos & smoke cigarettes.

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