Thursday, September 04, 2008

Vive La France!

As much as I hate getting ready to travel (I avoid packing till the last possible minute to savor the rush of adrenaline as I catapult out the door, suitcase in hand, an hour late for the plane) I am very excited to leave for England today. My Mamma and I are going to Paris, via the Eurostar, which seems awfully civilized, and staying in an apartment on Rue Daru in the 8eme Arrondissement, quite close to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, I believe. Paris is a city of which I know little. J took me there for my 21st birthday and I have been back only briefly (once for Marie Antoinette, once for a screening of Roland Joffe's Vatel). This time we have three days to explore the city and to eat at many delicious meals a day as I possibly can. Miss S has already sent me a list of things that we absolutely have to see and do, as well as lots of restaurants. I can't wait!

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