Sunday, December 07, 2008

The spirit of the season

An email from my friend Hoops:
As most of you already know, our nanny, Lettie lost her husband two months ago in a car accident. Lettie is someone that I hand my children to every week and without a second thought walk away, knowing that she will watch over them while I'm out of the house. This Sunday we are having a fundraiser for Lettie's family. She has four children(16,15, 5 and 4) that she is now responsible for, which we all know isn't going to be an easy task for a single mom. If you are able to give in any way to Lettie and her family I know that she would be appreciative. Most people are buying gift cards or giving small amounts of money (5 or 10 dollars) that we will gather and give to her before the holidays.

Another friend, KB, is foregoing buying presents for the adults in her family and instead saving the money to give to Lettie's family, who is, by the way, without insurance of any kind. This is a very interesting idea for the holiday season for those of us who frankly have everything we need and want for little.

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