Friday, February 27, 2009

Frazzled & Reshaped

Sleep is elusive at the best of times but when Jumby is away (if it's Friday, it must be Indianapolis) and I wake up at 3, I'm terrified that if I fall asleep again I'll miss the alarm and Minks will be late for school. I prop myself up with last night's TiVo'd tv, prying my eyes open with matchsticks. Just saw Brian Williams on Jon Stewart talking about what serious times we're living in, his voice cracking with emotion, and why, therefore, he doesn't Twitter. Not sure I really understand that logic. Of course it seems completely odd and foreign to anyone who doesn't do it. Like speaking Norwegian for example. I do wonder about whether our brains are being mushed, frazzled & re-shaped, however. I yearn for a day with no information technology, no social media, a day perhaps on Aldbury Common, wandering among the oak and the beech trees and the bracken with that lovely peaty smell, where birds are the only things that twitter.

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