Sunday, March 01, 2009


I'm turning into my mother. I realize this as I'm eating a slice of pumpernickel, cut in two, one piece covered in a slice of cheese and the other with thinly sliced tomatoes and salt.

Aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh...I've lost all the data (writing, music, photos, etc) on my laptop since September 2008. Apparently this also happened to Carrie Bradshaw who learned "a lesson" from it. I won't bore you, dear reader, with the details, but I've now been put in touch with a company named Drive Savers in Novato, California and I've got a feeeling Mr Drive Saver is going to be my new BFF. I think if I stop to contemplate the horror of this loss -- 75 pages of my NaNoWriMo book, countless poems, short stories, thing I work on in my Wednesday writing group, all my pictures, including those of my mother in Paris and here, pictures from N at Bard, music (Robyn Hitchcock, Fleet Foxes, Day by Day from Godspell, Sibelius are the latest acquisitions), the School Fair Newsletter, lovingly reformated in Pages -- I shall become paralyzed and so, stalwart and bold, like the Men of the Royal Mounted, I shall go on with my head high, valiantly and with a newly hewn mantra: Always Have A Back-Up. And I shall eat tomato open-faced sandwiches while contemplating my demise.

ps Heartfelt thanks to Minky for lending me her lap-top for this blogging purpose.


Rick said...

Wow. Let me know if that works. I still have a hard drive that crashed years ago -- and I lost all 3 of my scripts (and the last one was pretty good!). My backups didn't work (floppy disks). I'm still heartbroken.

John Hayes said...

So sorry to hear this-- hope you have good fortune with the drive saver.