Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anti-Love Poem

Sometimes you don't want to love the person you love
you turn your face away from that face
whose eyes lips might make you give up anger
forget insultIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1steal sadness of not wanting
to loveIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1turn away then turn awayIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1at breakfast
in the evening don't lift your eyes from the paper
to see that face in all its seriousness a
sweetness of concentrationIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1he holds his book
in his handIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1the hard-knuckled winter wood-
scarred fingersIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1turn awayIndent_white_space_block_2_letters_1that's all you can
do old as you are to save yourself from love

-- Grace Paley
reprinted with thanks & without permission (FSG)

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