Saturday, April 11, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton reveals his hideous underbelly

This video illustrates beautifully the bubble in which actors live in Hollywood. I would hesitate to say all actors, but many. This is truly what people outside this world don't see. My sympathies reach out to Arnold Robinson, publicist extraordinaire, who is forced to make "flu-like" excuses for this man. I'm actually surprised that the restrained DJ, Jian Gomeshi, a gentleman in anyone's book, didn't punch him on the nose:


Anonymous said...

severely buttock-clenching to watch

Anonymous said... were obviously completely insensitive to the interviewers opening intro which, being extremely rude, patronizing, obnoxious . etc...i dont blame blame bbob for his tone at all...considering. Perhaps you hating publicity and all? ought not to post videos like that, mind your own business and have more of a life for yourself.

Anonymous said...

excuse me Anonymous 2 but the only reason that Billy BObs band were being interviewed in the first place was because of his past glories on the silver screen..he like all actors is a chronic we all have to pander to these people? . the interviewer was not patronising he was doing his job..and how rude to say such nasty personal stuff on someones blog

Anonymous said...
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Me said...
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Anonymous said...

Miss Whistle-
I completely agree!

anonymous 2-
considering you are reading this blog then spending the time writing a nasty, un-needed comment, to make you feel better about yourself, maybe you should be the one getting the life... (and minding YOUR own business)


Anonymous said...

here here

Anonymous said... takes merely seconds to write a still intact thanx!! not the one posting videos of such unimportant mattters. Also, no actually, his music is not known because of his status as an actor..a very good one actually too! And no, actors are not chronic you even know what this is..perhaps it is you? No it is not a nasty comment only honest and truthful which you are able to not handle..being such an unrealistic person no doubt.

Miss Whistle said...

dear readers, thank you for your comments. i do believe that this is what ann coulter thrives upon and I shall take a leaf from her book. it is a pity, however that these comments are anonyomous...please do free to use your name, or even to make one up so that we can at least attempt to level the playing field. so to be clear, really happy and humbled to have such lively debate on & delighted that everyone feels so strongly about the subject in hand, but names would be lovely...
happy easter night,

missw xx

Anonymous said...

..thats right. We have the right to our own opinions and do not have to agree with you/anyone. How boring to all feel the same way about everything and i am sure you are more accepting, have more admiration for honesty as opposed to merely agreeing to one in order to please nor to be accepted. I feel blessed to have a mind of my own..and by the way ...i am right. The interviewer knew exactly how provocative he had been and intentionally so.. he is insulting and to big for his boots. I think. Your blog followers should be less shallow and narrow minded and realise people are able to differ in opinion and still like someone.

Happy Easter Sunday..and peace be allowed with differences of opinion...makes life more interesting dont you think. Who is ann coulter, will have to google.

gn.xx oh..from, um..Mary.

Sarah said...

yes , I actually could nt work out how to leave my comment with blog name but it would accept anonymous so I will "OUT" myself for being Anonymous 3 love sarah

John Moshay said...

All this fuss is so silly. Billy Bob was clearly beyond rude. If Bruce Springsteen wanted to become an actor, one cannot imagine an interview in which his music career would not be acknowledged.

Billy Bob was on the show to promote his tour, his team clearly asked for the appearance (or at least agreed to it) for the purpose of furthering their objective - more attention paid to the band. Even if he was (and he clearly was) annoyed at the interviewer's introduction, as a professional (musician or otherwise) he has some obligation to his fans to give a decent interview. He failed at that. I am a big fan of this genre of music (or multiple genres according to BB) and all this interview did for me was serve as fair warning to steer clear of his band. (I did, incidentally, listen to some of their stuff and it is horrible. His singing is weak and no where near the level of the people he mentions as his inspirations. He may be a fan of the music and he may be a talented actor/screenwriter, but that does not make him a talented musician. I make the greatest smoked chicken on the planet and I love George Jones, but, I assure you, I am the last person you want to hear sing.)
This whole thing is off the charts of reality. Billy Bob, by almost everyone's standards was being a dick. He is the one with the accolades, the career, the power and he choose to be a spoiled little asshole - fuck him. The best part is the interviewer who took the high road, despite being the far lesser known, and he came out looking like the bigger person. Billy Bob should take a page of the interviewer;s book. For the record, I believe that even if the interviewer had asked Tom Petty those questions, he would have got a reasonable answer on air and Petty would simply not book that show in the future.

Hollywood is full of this BS, amazing that we are even considering this behavior to be in the realm of reasonable.

Tania Kindersley said...

Miss Whistle - I am shocked to find that you are being attacked by illiterates on your own blog. At first I felt rather protective and thought all your admirers should rise up and defend your honour. But then I saw that you were maintaining grace under pressure perfectly well. Although I would say that if I were to go around leaving rather impolite and intemperate comments under cover of anonymity I would A) learn to spell, B) attempt to master the basic rules of grammar, C) study punctuation, with especial emphasis on the apostrophe, and D) find out who Ann Coulter is. I'm just saying.

Here's to you and all who sail in you - Txx

Anonymous said...

o, but the grammer and spelling mistakes (typing errors im not a secretary ..ha ..ha) grammer..intended as such to hide myself..hee hee. J..Moshay...yo..go..i agree with you entorely! Just a more useful post would have been nice as really...who cares! Im surprised to have been taken so seriously, your folloowers have absolately naw sanse of hummor. He must have been havin enuf of it and a bad day..didnt realy handle it very gracefully heh. Tahts just what i thought..too bad his music is crap though..will have to hear some of ot.

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Tania, Thank you for your kind, sane words. It will take more than a light gust to sink this sturdy ship!
xo MissW
Dear John Moshay,
Were you a debater in another life?
xo MissW

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2-
In trying to defend yourself and your grammar you spelled the word "grammar" wrong....
I actually hate drama and fights but i just don't understand your side to this...
I mean how do you think you are being smart and sly by writing rude posts, from "anonymous", commenting on how what Miss Whistles feelings and thought are wrong when this blog is devoted to her feelings.

"ought not to post videos like that, mind your own business and have more of a life for yourself."
Why don't you mind your own business instead of feeling the need to start drama.

Anonymous said... kidding?? told ya so..glad you actually noticed..and surprised..oops.

Oh you love drama i htink and im not trying to defend myself...just being honest and plain cause people cant seem to see.

Now of you go and mind YOUR own business cause it aint your miss contrary. John is the man.