Monday, April 13, 2009

Bo, the new First Dog (FDOTUS)


Nora Johnson said...

Glad the President chose a First Dog and not a First Horse otherwise I might be the cause of an international incident in frightening the horses (his & yours)!

I'm referring to the result of my first-ever attempt at hot X buns yesterday using your Times recipe (plus So Lovely's)! As I've warned others, be prepared! The pics in my next post won't be a pretty sight nor for the faint-hearted or those on an empty stomach.

In fact, since the buns both you & So Lovely recently made looked so SCRUMPTIOUS, it might be advisable for neither of you to take a look at the next post...!

Regards to LA as always

P.S.I'd better warn So Lovely too...

Miss Whistle said...

LOL! I can't wait to see. Actually, mine could have been lighter. I think people were being polite because they tasted good (plus cardamom is delicious). x