Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Horrors of Liptons

The fabulous Sarah, Hollywood Housewife, is propped up in her bed in the hospital with a huge smile on her face. Although she's still a little anaemic, she's doing fine. Hates the tea in hospital though (bag of Liptons, warm water, creamer). Her bed is by the window, so she can look out, and she is alone (by magic good luck) so no old man's snoring to interrupt her beauty sleep. We talked about our children, about horses, mutual friends and how excellent American friends are in times of crisis. In fact all our book club members suggested bringing food round to the Hollywood House house so that Hollywood Husband doesn't have to cook. Americans are generous and big-hearted and they think about practical things like vegetable lasagna and butternut squash soup in times of crisis. As you should. My motto has to be: If in doubt, eat.

Prayers for a speedy & full recovery, o lovely friend.

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Sarah said...

your visit was a tonic miss whistle xxx