Tuesday, May 05, 2009

California Quail

I've seen four quail today. Two at the top of the driveway, surprisingly, at about 7:30am when, barefoot, I went out to check my tomato plants. Walking back from the West Mandeville fire road later this morning, Bean surprised two more birds on the hillside. I am noting this because it is very rare to see quail in the city. The woo-woo part of me wonders whether I should attach any shamanic significance to these citings. The rational part tells me that I've been living in Los Angeles far too long. (Excerpt from The Curassow's Crest by Mary W. Helms)


Liberty London Girl said...

I nearly squished two yesterday on the Marin Headlands. They were walking Indian file across the road. Cldn't thave been less bothered that two ton of metal driven by crazy English girl was bearing down on them. I rather admire their insouciance. LLGxx

tedsmum said...

Woo woo indeed.A parallel universe. I haven't got round to writing my Quail post yet but I did put in a link to 'Frugal living & an attempt at the good life's blog re: my research into keeping some quail for eggs. But I guess Californian quail would not be hardy enough and in any case they need their space.
Nice perky pic though! thanx. tedsmum