Thursday, May 28, 2009

Living In Harmony

The music of the spheres is not an idea that went out with the ancient Greeks. "The movements of the planets," the great astronomer Kepler asserted, "are modulated according to harmonic proportions." So is it any surprise that audible harmony, as we report today, has been found to have a beneficent effect on babies born prematurely, whose hearts beat more regularly and who feel less pain when classical music is played to them?

Like attracts like. Good music brings harmony to the body. Contrariwise, it clashes with negative vibes: an experiment at Vauxhall, an inner-city London station, found that anti-social hoodies kept away when classical music was played. Innocents such as babes-in-arms, who naturally thrive amid harmony, will find harmonic sounds are music to their ears.

From The Telegraph

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