Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fleur Cowles

Fleur Cowles, American journalist, socialite and editor of Flair magazine, is dead. A lovely appreciation can be found on the always brilliant Errant Aesthete. You must click on this if only to see the picture of her drawing room.


Titian red said...

She also illustrated beautiful book in 60s/70s Tiger Flower, one of first not childrens books that I bought, aged about 8, still love it. If you can find a copy do look.

eaesthete said...

Miss Whistle,

What a lovely acknowledgment. My very warmest thanks.

As for Fluer, well, all of us should have lives half as interesting as hers.

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Eaesthe,
I would have commented on your blog a hundred times if I could figure out how (never seem to find the box). It is a thing of beauty and never fails to inspire me.
Thank you!
-- Miss W

eaesthete said...

Miss Whistle,

You have cited a great source of frustration for me and very possibly may have identified a problem of some concern -- the silence at the Errant Aesthete. The particular template I chose, while ideal for enhancing imagery, has a curious placement for comments. It's directly alongside the name of the post. It usually says "no comments" or, in the event of a comment, will designate "1 comment," "2 comments," etc. Click on it and it will take you to the individual page of the post where you can leave a comment at article's end.

Were I more versed in the ways of CSS code, I could make a correction, but for the moment, I am forced to angst over the matter in silence.

I so appreciate your admission and may post something in the future for the benefit of others who are similarly baffled.