Tuesday, August 04, 2009

August evening, Santa Monica

This is too beautiful not to share.
Oh, and rest easy, Janusz Kaminski, your job is safe.


Unknown said...

Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Be sure and drop by and leave a note! :)


Unknown said...

I loved this, especially as it's the rainy season in the UK.


sianey said...

oh to be in santa monica..still as beautiful as I remember her! i dream about it!
hope all family well -
big love as always

Miss Whistle said...

Helena, thank you. I do agree, Santa Monica can be blissful, especially after the rainy UK (I just got back). It's one of those special nights that you see so rarely.

Sian, thank you, we were so lucky to be there on that particular night. The following week it was foggy and overcast!

-- Miss W