Friday, August 21, 2009

Walkin' on the beaches

Still Life with Peach by Dan Brown

This has been discussed ad nauseum on Twitter because when I'm enthusiastic about something I have to share it with the world.

The box of 10 peaches currently available at Trader Joe's is a steal at $4.99. They are, without doubt, the best, sweetest and most juicy peaches that I have ever tasted, and this is from my heart, as much as I appear to be a paid endorsement of Trader Joe's (Joe's - I lerv ya).

I have made:
  • peaches in white wine (to drink)
  • peaches in white wine (for pudding)
  • peach crisp
  • peach cobbler
  • peach crumble
  • peach & fig salad
  • peaches with honey, greek yogurt & toasted flax
and my personal favorite, a variation on Jamie Oliver's sexy salad -- peach crack

Scatter arugula on a plate, pile with thick, juicy peach slices, chunks of mozarella, basil leaves, thin strips of proscuitto, s&p and dress with a lemon/honey/balsamic/olive oil vinaigrette. Divine. Even though I say it myself.

Miss Minks of course inspired this recipe.

A diner (from last night) states:

I'm still picturing the peach and
prosciutto salad which was truly worthy of a magazine cover, and tasted
even better. Boy, what a head start Minky has if she wants to pursue


Mrs L. said...

OMG that sounds DELICIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely minks. And I love the royal copenhagen plate. K