Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chest x-rays

Big John & I are back at Dr Schroeder's office for chest x-rays, ekgs,
blood tests and so on to make sure he is strong enough to undergo the
endoscopy on Friday. The endoscopy will tell us how much the cancer in
his oesophagus has shrunk and whether the seven rounds of chemo have
been effective. Schroeder is the coolest. He's handsome and funny and
Sandy's favorite. I can see why.

John has a cough that hurts him so much it takes him minutes to
recover. The other doctor, the oncologist has told him an occasional
glass of wine would be "just fine." This doctor looks him in the eye
and says "If you smoke or drink anything, John, you'll be fucked." Big
John turns to me and says deadpan "At least he gives it to me in
medical language."

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