Tuesday, September 08, 2009

William Maxwell

The author and New Yorker editor William Maxwell talks to Terry Gross on NPR (from 1995; he died in 2000). It's an incredibly insightful and diverting piece on both writing and aging.

This quote stuck out for me (thanks to Notes to self for capturing it):

I liked the world I came into as a child...It was a beautiful world. I loved the sound of the horses going past the house. It was unhurried. It left time for brooding and thought. It left time for being nice to other people. For making presents instead of buying them. It left time for telling stories.


Liberty London Girl said...

I'ma big fan of William Maxwell. My first editor lent me So Long See you Tomorrow, but I picked up The Chateau on a stall in Kerela or maybe Colombo and was transported to France. A quite extraordinary novel. LLGxx

Miss Whistle said...

The piece is long but so worth listening to. He is transporting. It's a good word.

Miss W x