Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A $47,000 lunch

Oh I can't resist this.

Roman Abramovich, who owns Chelsea FC, recently took five people out to lunch at Nello's in NYC. This is his bill:

Some rather nice wine there, no?


Anonymous said...



Mrs Trefusis said...

Blimey. They must have been terribly terribly drunk. The wines were not only of magnificent quality, if I've read the receipt correctly, they were also drunk in rather magnificent quantity.

mothership said...

Also find that obscene, like your anonymous commenter. Just too much money spent on something so transitory when so many people are in need. I know it's his cash and his prerogative, but still.
Hope they all had terrible hangovers.

one of 365 said...

I do hope this was an expensed lunch? And, if the waiter was tipped 20%,, it was his/her lucky day!