Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prayers, please

An early call from Sandy: J's father (Big John) is going back to the hospital this morning, via the emergency room, because the pain is just too much to bear, despite the morphine pills.  The only effective pain medication now seems to be the intravenous kind.  He was given a dilaudid drip two days ago and two pints of blood. He is anaemic and his calcium levels are low.  The THCs and morphine seem to work okay in tandem but they can't quite get the cocktail right.  He hates the hospital and can't bear being there so the pain has to be pretty bad.

I hate to ask on this blog, but I think we need some divine intervention -- prayers would be lovely -- if only to have the pain go away.  Thank you, dear readers.


CampusLady said...

Praying darling. Sending loving thoughts to all of you! xx

Anonymous said...

All thoughts are with you and your family - this bloody cancer - it is a terrible terrible thing, isn't it? My father too got to the moment when the morphine pills no longer worked and he had to go to hospital and be connected to a drip.
The poor darling never came out of there alive, but he was no longer in pain, and he made it through to the Millenium which was one of his greatest wishes.
Joyeux Noël comme même.

Lucy said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers to your family!

Lucy (a devoted reader) in snowy New York

Jill of All Trades said...

Lots of good vibes heading your way!!!!!

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Campus Lady, dragondays, Lucy and Jill,
I am so grateful for you kindness and positive comments.
Big John is feeling better, is home with angelic hospice care and a mega-load of new drugs to make him happy and comfortable.
I am enormously moved and grateful.
Miss W x

Marilyn said...

Will keep extra love and prayers handy for your family and especially, Big John. I've been exactly where you are, and all you can do is love him, and love him some more.

LPC said...

Oh so sorry and wishing for the best, whatever that can be.