Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first visit to Orcas


This is my first visit to Orcas Island.

It stands at the north-western most tip of Washington state, just where it joins with Canada.  (That's Vancouver in the far distance).

I visited Coffelt's farm, introduced myself to the piggy-wigs...

...and the springy-flingy lambs.

I discovered a whole world in a garden fence.

I marvelled at the ubiquitous pink blossom (this one right outside the bootroom door and easily spy-able from the comfortable kitchen breakfast table).

And then we walked in the ancient forest of Moran State Park, with a diversion to Cascade Falls.
Orcas Island is warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the mainland.  It is an island full of potters, Tibetan prayer flags, painters, farmers, poets, and of course shellfish farmers.  

Lucy is planting a clam bed, and has been swatting up all morning about it.  

This afternoon we'll row out into the Sound to pick up the crab pots which we put out yesterday after stuffing the pots full of old pork chops and wodges of fat.

Breakfast is bread from Rose's and Coffelt Farm's Plum Lime Marmalade.


Sandy said...

Refreshing to read, it was like a dance with a love one. Thanks, S.

Sandy said...
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