Monday, March 21, 2011


It's odd finding pictures of the house you grew up in online. The house has been changed and modernized but the bones are still there. This is the weather vane I remember and the window of my old bedroom. However, it looks quite naked without the ivy that used to creep into every window.

And this looks out of the (vastly changed) front door at dusk, across the fields, the blue light unchanging.

It still makes my heart miss a beat.


AQ: said...

We're in a similar mood today, Miss Whiss. X

LPC said...

Wow. Those fields and that light.

The Epic Adventurer said...

That must feel so strange. Oy.

Miss Whistle said...

AQ - not suprised by that at all.

LPC - I know! *sigh*

TEA - so strange....thank you for directing me to your blog, btw!

xx Miss W

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Is this Toms Hill House - Aldbury, Hertfordshire?

Do you have the web link where the photo's where from?

I'd love to see other pictures of this house - as they have been carrying out impressive renovation work - looks a lovely house!

Ashridge, Herts