Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The English, as we know, are quite civilized. They have poetry on the Underground now*. Specifically, Polish poets.  I read this somewhere between Euston and Green Park.

I returned to you years later,
gray and lovely city,
unchanging city
buried in the waters of the past.
I'm no longer the student
of philosophy, poetry, and curiosity,
I'm not the young poet who wrote
too many lines
and wandered in the maze
of narrow streets and illusions.
The sovereign of clocks and shadows has touched my brow with his hand,
but still I'm guided by
a star by brightness
and only brightness
can undo or save me.
-- Adam Zagajewski

*The London Underground poetry initiative started in 1986. I'm afraid I'm a wee bit out of touch. Apologies!

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