Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hansen Dam, July 30

The river level is rising from melting snow in the mountains and it surges through like white water rapids, accompanied by warning signs posted on bright orange stands. I was pleased I had Pepper on a very long rope, because he'd be the first in and swirling down towards the sea, based on his track record. An intricate network of gentle streams and tributaries wend their way around the willows in Hansen Dam. It's an urban park (despite being a thousand acre catchment area for the Big Tujunga creek it is also bordered by Lake View Terrace and Pacoima) -- the trees are tagged with graffiti, there is detritus from teenage drinking binges, family picnics, Mexican cowboys, hasty lovers, but it still possesses a peaceful beauty. The dogs and I waded up to our knees in the warm water and I thought about Switzerland and Heidi and Grandmother's bread.  These pictures aren't particularly good, but it's highly unusual and somewhat cheering  to see so much green in Los Angeles at the end of July.  And being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the shimmering verdant world and three spotteds is good for the soul.


Wildernesschic said...

I think these pictures are beautiful they have an ethereal feel to them ..gorgeous place..and i love the story of Heidi xx

legend in his own lunchtime said...

You could be in Rivendell. Keep your eyes open for elves

Lorraine said...

Thank you, Miss Whistle, for bringing back memories of Switzerland--and especially Heidi. Heidi was the first book I read by myself when I was six years old--I had to skim sentences and paragraphs, but still remember the Alpine meadows and streams, Swanli and Baerli and the Grandfather.