Sunday, October 09, 2011

Never never never

More from Clerk Ink Well here (h/t @indiaknight and @katherinejames)


Katherine C. James said...
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Katherine C. James said...

Thank you for the kind h/t re Clerk Ink Well, which I only knew about because of you, India Knight, and Google. BTW, I received a prompt reply to my, "Will you send to the US?" question from someone quite lovely named Huw Griffith at CIW saying they do ship to the US, but only unframed prints. I posted the response text on your Facebook stream.

An aside: Tiresomely enough, with my name you need to insert a middle C to make a real link to the actual me. My name is too common to leave middle-initialless, which I find ironic because my last name is an add-on, bestowed sometime in the 1800s, probably by missionaries saving Indian souls by providing baptisms and Christian names.

My paternal great-grandfather was a Duwamish Indian. The Duwamish people lived, to their eventual misfortune, on what is now the City of Seattle. He began life, as Duwamish people did, with no last name, and no standard written translation of his name recorded in the English language; his name was something like Allebulh. But, being a Duwamish medicine man in an increasingly European-immigrant-populated world, he died Dr. Joseph James. His gravestone, in a beautiful cemetery near the city of Seattle, is inscribed, "In remembrance of Dr. J. James. Died 1885. He was a Nephew of the Great Chief Seattle, and whilst living was friendly to the whites."

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. xx.