Monday, January 02, 2012


In the Yucatan these hand embroidered tablecloths (or bed coverlets) are known as Chupacabra, like the mythical Vampiric creatures. Elsewhere they are known as Tenango, hand-stitched by the Otomi people. In Xcalacoco, the tables were dressed with them, in bright green, and orange, and pink and I found a red one in Playa del Carmen to bring home. I wanted to bring home one for all my girlfriends.  But I discover that you can find them on ebay here.

This beautiful navy cloth is available at Laviva Home.

And this mid-century modern chair is available at Jacaranda Home.

I can't help it. Now you know all my secrets.


Lucie said...

I adore these Bumble! Hope you bring plenty home with you...make for perfect hostess gifts as well.

Katherine C. James said...

Breathtaking colors and symbols. Love them. The reds are particularly moving. Thank you for sharing your Yucatan journey.