Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Jesus' world

Another thing that convinces me I'm living in a David Lynch movie: Jesus. The ex and I were sitting down for a cup of coffee on Friday to discuss "business" at the Coffee Bean on Sunset. And guess who was sitting next to us?  I've seen him before, across town, in Century City. Monica has seen him on Fairfax, with his arms outstretched, in crucifixion pose -- she says it makes her guilty and reminds her of all her sins. He floats, kind of, in his hessian robes. On Friday, he was studying his iphone while we launched into the whole thing -- the whole kit and kaboodle as they say, my heart pounding of course, a lump in my throat, trying not to look at him, or the ex, eyes fixed down Sunset Boulevard (it was that pretty time of day, the magic winter hour of 4.30pm when all is pink and brown and illuminated).  I've discovered that Jesus has a blog dedicated to him: I Saw Jesus in LA and a Twitter feed. The photos below are courtesy of ISawJesusInLA:

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Marcheline said...

As always with street people, I'm half admiring and half sad.