Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Jeliciousness: Nan's Kugel

BeBe is a most prodigious cook. She would invite hundreds -- literally hundreds -- of people to her house for Rosh Hashanah dinner and not blink an eye. When I asked her for a recipe, she replied that she had dozens, and I believed her. This is her grandmother's kugel - MsW  

BeBe says: This is the best comfort food item ever. The beautiful scents that come wafting from the kitchen when I make this throws me back in to my childhood when I would walk in to my grandmother's house when I came from a visit. She would always squire me in to the kitchen and show me the "extra kugel" she made just for me.

Nan's Kugel

1 package wide egg noodles
About a half to 3/4 stick unsalted butter
One tbsp cinnamon
Approx two tbsp vanilla
One box of raisins (I like golden, sometimes I add some cranberries just for a twist)
Six eggs
Two or so cups sugar
Half cup or so dark brown sugar

Boil water
Pour box of raisins into bowl
Pour in water
Wait an hour or so for them to fluff up

Boil noodles until tender (not al-dente)
Drain well, don't rinse
Put into a large bowl
Put in butter to melt
Add everything else
Drain raisins
Taste a noodle (should be sweet, if not, add more sugar)

Heat large pan (that is about two to three inches deep) LOW fire
Pour in noodles
Every so often, make sure it isn't sticking
About an hour and a half or so in, flip it over (should be firm, may need more time. I use two big serving plates.
Put butter on bottom of pan before you put it back in
Cook another hour or so.

Prep large pieces of foil so you can wrap it tightly and keep the round shape when finish.
Line foil with paper towels
(This is to pat away excess butter.)

Flip kugel in to paper towel, foil base.
Put few pieces of paper towels on top.
Fold up.
Let sit a few minutes to set. Like 15 or so.



Anonymous said...

dear miss whistle,

i've been transplanted from ojai to oz and was wondering if you would divulge approximate volume of raisins, and weight of package of noodles used, for this dish. it's been 8 years and i've forgotten what a us- sized box of raisins looks like.


ps i love your recipes

Miss Whistle said...

Hello Tak,
Miss Bebe says:
"12 oz. Bag of noodles.
About 2 cups of raisins before plumping."
Hope that helps.
If not, give us a shout!
Glad you're enjoying the recipes.
xxx MsW