Saturday, February 02, 2013

February Fabulousness: Rosie's Go-To Guacamole

Oh dear, the SuperBowl is coming up. I know this only because Jimmy Kimmel tells me that there are two brothers playing for opposing teams, one of which is called the Ravens. The game is unavoidable, even if you aren't a fan, but it is a very good excuse to make delicious, quintessentially American finger food, like chicken wings and dip and guacamole.  This guacamole is the best I've tasted (and I'm a little bit of a guacamole afficionado) and the most simple.  It is made by the divine Rosie, who whips it up with the minimum of effort.

Rosie, Minky & Ice Cream

Miss Rosie swimming with Bajas in Norway
Who doesn't love guacamole?

2 ripe avocados
1 (small) red onion
1 ripe tomato (plum good for this purpose)
lots of lime juice
garlic salt
1/2 a jalapeno chili (or more if you like things caliente)
cilantro (optional)

Mush up the avocados with a fork. (It's okay if it's a bit chunky.)
Finely dice the onion and the tomato and de-seed and finely chop 1/2 the jalapeno* and mix them into the avocado.
Squeeze the juice of a couple of limes over it and season with salt, pepper and garlic pepper. You can also add chopped cilantro to taste.

*Be very careful when handling jalapenos. Some people don't care, but my delicate English constitution is mega-sensitive to them, and just smelling them makes me cough. I usually deseed them in the sink under cold running water. Some people use gloves. Whatever you do, don't touch your eyes after touching the jalapeno.

Serve with tortilla chips (and Mexican beer).


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Marcheline said...

I like to add a dollop of mayonnaise to my guacamole - or sour cream - to creamy it up a bit. Otherwise, my recipe's the same as yours! Sometimes, when I'm feeling cheeky, I add a dash of hot sauce.

teamgloria said...

just to show how Not Connected to sporting events we are, we got terribly confused at Pavilions while popping into buy trash/bin-bags and saw everyone crowding round the chips section.

most confused.