Monday, February 11, 2013

February Fabulousness: Spatchcock Partridge

My lovely brother in Glen Clova (I'd forgotten about this picture, my favorite of him)


my son shooting at Rottal (Glen Clova)

My gorgeous brother lives in the wilds of Scotland, high up in the Angus glens, surrounded by moors and tarns and beautiful mountains. He lives very much off the land and so it is no surprise that he has shared a recipe for partridge. You can find partridge at good butchers or from D'artagnan, but this recipe would work just as well for squab or cornish game hen.

My nephew, Archie, with two friends

Dee, looking out over Glen Clova

Dee, by the river

I've just searched my blog and found hundreds of pictures of Glen Clova, where my brother and his family lives. It's a magical place. Some lovely pictures here.

But back to the partridge:

spatchcock partridge (via alldishes)

Dee says: Turn the partridge upside down and with head pointing away from you.  Using sharp strong game scissors cut along either side of the middle bone and remove.  Turn the bird over so that the breast is facing upwards and press down sharply with the heel of your hand onto the breastbone which will snap and the bird will be spatchcocked.  Finely chop a mixture of parsley and thyme, and press onto the bird, add a dash of olive oil and a good splash of red wine.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast for 25 mins in a 200C oven.  The bird will cook quickly and be easy to eat and tender!

Serve with: red currant jelly, new potatoes and a few green beans.


Wally B said...

Oh for some fresh partridge, or even a pheasant or two

Marcheline said...

Oh my... I thought I was looking at photos from Season 3 of Downton Abbey! Those fellows in their hunting gear look just like the episode where the Crawleys go hunting in Scotland. Sigh...