Monday, August 05, 2013

Next Time

From Writer's Almanac, brought to my attention by @kcecelia. A perfect poem. I love this:

Next Time

I'll know the names of all of the birds
and flowers, and not only that, I'll
tell you the name of the piano player
I'm hearing right now on the kitchen
radio, but I won't be in the kitchen,

I'll be walking a street in
New York or London, about
to enter a coffee shop where people
are reading or working on their
laptops. They'll look up and smile.

Next time I won't waste my heart
on anger; I won't care about
being right. I'll be willing to be
wrong about everything and to
concentrate on giving myself away.

Next time, I'll rush up to people I love,
look into their eyes, and kiss them, quick.
I'll give everyone a poem I didn't write,
one specially chosen for that person.
They'll hold it up and see a new
world. We'll sing the morning in,

and I will keep in touch with friends,
writing long letters when I wake from
a dream where they appear on the
Orient Express. "Meet me in Istanbul,"
I'll say, and they will.

"Next Time" by Joyce Sutphen, from After Words. © Red Dragonfly Press, 2013. 



Janelle said...

absolutely beautiful. thank you. x jr

Katherine C. James said...

Some poems touch deep as a mini miracle. Next Time is one of those. Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem especially the lines about not wasting time about anger and being willing to be wrong...

I wish I had heeded these words. I will try my best.