Sunday, December 01, 2019


Even a brief encounter with sunlight in England in early December fills the world with possibility. Light is optimism. I write this at a quarter to seven in my dark kitchen, my dog at my feet, guarding me, waiting for my daughter to come downstairs so that I can take her to the station. She, too, fills the world with light. I had no idea how much I had missed her. 

A very happy Monday to you all. 



materfamilias said...

Just found that you've been writing here again lately, so I've caught up reading, have no time to comment (house full of visiting son's family, 2 Littles) but must say how much I love your writing. Your thoughtful, exploratory, honest, lyrical-but-never-ever-precious prose. Always pointing (or gesturing) to the True while never claiming it reductively. Or something like that. Anyway, love reading your thinking. Thank you.

LPC said...

Frances has responded about your writing so beautifully that I will just add I'm very happy you got to have your daughter visit.

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