Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Every raindrop


My doctor, whose practise is about 75% Japanese had this poster in his waiting room. The artist is from Vienna, but the piece hangs in Norway, and I fell in love immediately.

My lovely doctor ushered me in and prodded me all over in a very thorough fashion. After chest x-rays they ruled out pneumonia. I have acute bronchitis due to "toxins or allergies" so I suppose my fire diagnosis was correct. The bad news is that now I'm on a mega antibiotic (haven't had antibiotics in ten years) and a steroid -- Methylprednisolone.

Here's another Hundertwasser: Among Trees You Are At Home.

Yes, I am.

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Irene nelson said...

Hope you are feeling better. I became very ill after the Oakland Hills fire years ago. Steroids are not fun. Take are of yourself.