Monday, January 10, 2011

MissWhistle's Resolutions for 2011

Only ten days into 2011, and I realize that I haven't posted my new year's resolutions (these were written 12/31/10).  Let's see how we do. And a hat tip to Julia who inspired me.

1.    Only use market bags, not paper and plastic, for groceries.
2.   Build some raised beds for vegetables, not only tomatoes.
3.   Start each day with a prayer or meditation (a cup of tea doesn't count).
4.   Volunteer more.
5.    Only love.
6.   Shower the people (see 5.*).
7.    Keep receipts, cut down on waste, eat leftovers.
8.   Set firm, brick-and-mortar-bound deadlines.
9.   Be always accountable. 
10.Be hopeful.  Look for the beauty.

What are yours?

1 comment:

Julia said...

Flattered! That is a good list. Refer to it often and maybe you'll succeed!