Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is the dog

This is the dog that came to our house as a foster four days via a most convoluted chain of events, engineered by my almost sixteen year old daughter and her friend who interns for a vet in Beverly Hills.

This is the nine year old dog who the Maharishi fell in love with, boldly declaring mid-Lakers game, "Three dogs just feels right, doesn't it?"

This is the dog, it seems, that will be the new member of the family.

His name is Pepper.


Anonymous said...

This is my old friend Miss pebbles reincarnated. Enjoy this fab. Spotted dog:). I miss mine!

Tania Kindersley said...

I love the dog; I LOVE the dog. I am sitting on the train going from Aberdeen to London, looking at the picture and thinking oh oh oh I love that new dog. Of course you had to take the beauty. I am quite envious. I secretly long for three dogs myself. x

Caroline, No. said...

So sweet. I'm so happy he's found such a lovely home. Three is definitely the right number. x

Miss E said...

Three is an excellent number of dogs (yes, I have three). More and you have a pack (and your vet and feed bills become horrendous). Although I do find that I lack sufficient arms/hands when they all decide they need cuddles and pats at the same time. And bless you for taking on a nine-year old. May Pepper have a long and happy life with you!

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Anonymous, Spotted dogs are quite wonderful aren't they? And I think Miss Pebbles a quite perfect name. Thanks for visiting.

@Tania Good! Me too. The M is utterly besotted.

@Caroline -- Thank you. I agree! X

@Miss E -- Thank you. I hope he has a long and happy life too. He's certainly settled in very sweetly and the girls seem fond of him. What kind of dogs do you have?
Miss W x