Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Jeliciousness: Japanese Chicken & Cabbage Winter Pot

My friend Tracy, who is Japanese-American, makes this for her children. It's their favorite thing to eat on cold winter nights. 

Tracy says: It's so funny but I don't know the formal name for this dish.  My mom just called it the chicken and cabbage pot (Tori to kyabetsu no nabe).

In 6 cups of water, make stock from party wings.  You can boil as long as you like.  You can skim off the fat.  Then get 1 lb of lean ground chicken.  Add 1 egg and add just enough bread crumbs so you can easily make meatballs.  Add salt and white pepper to taste.  Add to the chicken stock.  You can keep the wings/drummettes in the pot if you like.  Get 1 head of cabbage and core.  Cut cabbage into strips.  Boil meatballs until cooked and then add the cabbage in the last 10 minutes.  Put pot on the table with ladle.  Use "Ajipon" ponzu sauce (it is now available in regular supermarkets or any Asian market will carry) as a dipping sauce.  It is so good and (heart)warming on a cold winter night!!  If you take out the wings and skim the fat, it is virtually a no fat recipe! 


Dahlila said...

Or...we could just come to dinner at your house. ;)
Looks SO yummy.

Marcheline said...

This looks great, but I can't imagine it without onions added! I put either onions or garlic (or both) in all my homemade soups.

LPC said...

Looks delicious. And sometimes the super simple soups are best. Cabbage has a lot of flavor.