Saturday, April 12, 2014

Old Photograph

I spent the afternoon reading these poems by Ian Hamilton. They are surprising, emotional, sometimes terse. Quite wonderful.

You are wandering in the deep field
That backs on to the room I used to work in
And from time to time
You look up to see if I am watching you.
To this day
Your arms are full of the wild flowers
You were most in love with.

-- Ian Hamilton, from "Collected Poems"

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Katherine C. James said...

I'd forgotten Ian Hamilton's poetry. Old Photograph is a beautiful reminder. I may copy it out for my April poetry month poems since it is, as is much of his poetry, short enough to work. I like his biographies Robert Lowell, In Search of J D Salinger, and Against Oblivion. Hamilton died at 63, yet accomplished so much.