Monday, June 30, 2014

Sat Siri Akaal

I adore this mantra, by Siri Dharma Kaur, one of the first Kundalini yoga teachers in South Africa. Listen to the rich, African voices. This mantra is know as the mantra for the Aquarian Age and "imparts a great sense of peace to the chanter."

From Spirit Voyage:
Mantra: Sat Siri Siri Akal

Complete Mantra:
Sat siree siree akaal, siree akaal mahaa akaal,
Mahaa akaal, sat naam, akaal moorat, wahay guroo

The True Great One, Great Deathless, Great Deathless beyond Death, Truth is His name, Deathless form of God, Blissful Experience of the Divine

This mantra gives courage, caliber, and victory in one's life.  It helps us to overcome all of the negative reactions to challenges, whether it be retreating, fantasizing, or the illusion of separateness.

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