Friday, August 22, 2014

one billion heartbeats...

In the late afternoon I was sitting outside the kitchen, in the space between the kitchen and the office, my feet on the table, the dogs next to me, watching the way the light played against the eucalyptus on the side wall of the house, talking on the phone to a friend I love who was reading poetry, and staring up through the leaves at the sky. It's these moments, the quiet ones, when you're not quite sure what's happening in the world, when you can't tell if you're making good or bad decisions, when it doesn't matter if it's either, that I believe you remember. Not the roller coaster rides, or sailing through storms, but the quiet times staring at the sky, which remind you that your heart is going to beat over a billion times in your lifetime and right now, whatever happens tomorrow, it might quite literally burst.


Katherine C. James said...

Yes. Lovely. I agree that those are the moments we remember.

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