Monday, April 20, 2015


Due to one complete arse of a commenter, I've had to change the commenting policy. You will now have to sign in to comment. Apologies for this. I've just had a complete sense of humor failure with The Troll. Thank you, dear people. Love, MissW xoxo


Janelle said...

oh god. what a knob! happy to prove i am not a robot or a troll though to keep reading your wonderful writing and thoughts. always a great inspiration. x j

Anonymous said...

You were very dignified in dealing with your anon commentator and allowing the comments to remain. It is difficult to write truthfully if you know there is some ill-wisher lurking in the background so well done. Like Janelle happy to confirm I am not a robot (or troll).

Minnie said...

Have been hoping you would do this. Anon obviously has too much time on its hands and too little stimulation to occupy its brain. Very unpleasant for readers and no doubt much more so for you. Happy to ID as not a troll or robot.