Thursday, October 22, 2015

Love vs Fear

What are the guiding forces in life? Love and fear. The beauty of love is that love is extremely infinite, extensive, fearless, vengeless and realistic. Love has no limit. When there's a limit, there's no love. It is a surrender, absolute.

There are two forces in life of a human: Love and Fear.  Love makes you kind.  Fear makes you unkind.  Both forces have results, and we are the byproduct of these two forces.  
    * When you fear something, consciously or subconsciously, whether it is spiritually, mentally, personally or by faith, you suspend things. 
    * When you are not afraid you act wisely.  When you are afraid you act stupidly because of your sensory sense of the sixth sense.  Your radiant body doesn't act when clouded by fear.

 --Yogi Bhajan 


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