Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Anything For Love

My house guest, who is 18 and English and adorable, and with whom I celebrated, quite enthusiastically, national pizza day, asked me tonight why anyone would ever live anywhere other than LA. "Why on earth would you even consider moving to England," he asked. And I recited the litany of reasons that I loved LA: no weather issues, no need to carry a coat, an umbrella, gumboots, access to the ocean, mountains, trees, a world full of possibility, a vibrant art scene, sunshine, did I mention sunshine? You know, just to support it, because it is a city I love. LA IS my lady, and all that. And what a wonderful place it is. But then I realized, in the immortal words of Meatloaf, that you'd do anything for love. I'd live on a mattress in a one room shack in communist Russia if it meant I could be with the man I love. It's funny that, isn't it? And by the way, England has beech trees, ancient oaks, Sunday lunch, Dr Who, Liberty, chalk and clay, flints, burial grounds, beacons, owls, bracken, plum trees, many kinds of apple, walled gardens, marks & spencer white cotton knickers in three packs, proper butchers, ghosts, colefax & fowler, farrow & ball, lots of old churches, graveyards filled with flowers, my father's bones, my mamma, sloes, damsons, redcurrants, blackcurrants, raspberry canes to thin, the best brother in the world, roast pork and treacle tart in Therfield, bridle paths, meadows filled with grass and buttercups, and the man I love.


Katherine C. James said...

This is a lovely list. We go, if we can, to the place where our heart feels most at home, for whatever reason that might be.

tedsmum said...

Every day is beautiful here, come home.
you have inspired me to get back to my blog xxx

Speranza said...

Yes this is an inspired list to bring tears to the eyes!
I might add pear drops, Vosene shampoo, hard-as-iron peach soap also from Marks', Walnut Whips and that certain, clean smell that only belongs to April in the UK.
I have been here at your stellar blog many times and I seldom comment but today, because I have noticed that your poetry tastes are so similar to my own, I would like to share a poem that I think you would really like. (Not to be presumptuous!)
Thank you for your ongoing honesty and excellent writing.
(Equal parts each).
Here's that poem I posted today: http://www.speranzanow.com/#sthash.X8TOWrFT.xM5wCjoq.dpbs