Monday, February 13, 2017

be kind

it just struck me: i need to find a way to be kinder to myself.
i think it's important to allow that things will change and they may feel catastrophic, but a few months from now, everything will turn out as it was meant to.
my arms are so tightly around everything, so scared of change in the midst of epic circadian shifts, that i worry, too much, and i make myself miserable with the worrying. it's important to remember that this is a period of change and change is bound to happen but that doesn't mean that bad things will come; not at all. i think this might bring in good stuff, great stuff, the stuff you can't even begin to imagine for yourself.
it took me a full sunny day for that to dawn on me. call me a little thick. or just call me.
love, miss w xx


Myyayayoyo said...
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LPC said...

Here's what I tell myself. I will always miss what I left behind, but, no matter what I did I would have left it behind because that is what time does. We leave everything behind every day. So I try to remember that even had I stayed where I was my children would still have grown up and that which I had would have been lost.

You are not really that much farther from your children than you were before, in hours, are you? Not that it matters. I miss mine every single day and we are still in the same country.

Also, everything is crappy when the man we love is gone for too long. Sending you all the hugs and kisses and imaginary couch laughing. You will bring your own miracles with you I have little doubt.