Monday, April 09, 2018


Inspired by my trip to Boston, where tinned fish is code for hip, I served up an incredibly easy pre-lunch snack for my Sunday guests; something for them to nibble on while I made the Yorkshire Pudding in the kitchen. (By the way, my Yorkshire Pudding rocked, which surprised me because I convert every amount from mls to cups, per my American nature, and then guesstimate. But they rose like little mushroom clouds. Hurrah!)

Sardines at Saltie Girl, Boston

What you will need:

A pretty wooden board or platter (I used a beautiful one my son made for me.)
Two tins of sardines in olive oil (I use Portuguese. Open the tins and leave them there, glistening in their little coffins.)
A jar of roasted peppers, whizzed up in the food processor with a clove of garlic and some olive or chili oil (this is scrumptious and people who protest the sardines can just eat this on bread)
A little bowl of mustard
Crackers or bread
Cold, good butter
Sea salt

The thing about sardines is that people think they don't like them till they try them. You will be surprised at people's reactions.

At Prune in New York, they serve sardines with Dijon Mustard and crackers.
At Saltie Girl in Boston, they serve them with red pepper relish and sea salt.
It's your choice.
I'm just delighted to be re-introduced to these versatile little fish.

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Katherine C. James said...

Sardines! One of my favorite foods. It makes me happy when something I love also happens to be good for me. Your hors d'oeuvres serving suggestion sounds elegant and delicious, particularly the roasted peppers with garlic and olive oil or chili oil. When I was growing up, my mom would bake a loaf of whole wheat bread, we'd slice sections, slather them with coarse mustard, and layer in sardines. Sardine sandwiches. I'm certain our choice for bread and for filling was unusual for the time and the place. There is always a stack of tins of wild (I love that no one had found a way to farm a sardine), sustainably caught sardines in my pantry. I turn the tin contents out into a bowl, add a generous dollop of coarse mustard, and eat the sardines with the mustard and a couple of whole wheat Wasa. I'm intrigued by the alluring white condiment on your Boston serving board. Butter? In my mind it keeps becoming burrata because I recently had some heavenly burrata. As to your Yorkshire pudding? I'm happy to hear it turned out well. We four kids in my family got to choose our birthday dinner. Every year from an early age I chose a standing rib roast and Yorkshire pudding. (I assume this was in my mom's Sunday dinner rotation.) My mom made the Yorkshire pudding in a rectangular pan after the roast was finished. She'd pour the drippings from the roast into the pan, add the Yorkshire pudding batter, and create this lightly crusty on the top, moist inside, heavenly food. My brother now makes it, and has passed the recipe to my nephew. (I love it when you write about the food in your life.) xo.