Thursday, February 14, 2019


I got very sick today. The sort of sick where you know you shouldn't be driving. Shaking and aching and high fever and all you want is your bed. It came on like a hurricane, unexpectedly, annoyingly, ferociously. My mamma, whom I took to lunch for Valentine's Day, asked me to come
home with her so she could look after me. It made me melt. She is 84 and finds it hard to walk and there she is offering me cups of tea in proper cups and my cozy childhood bed with the flowery pink Laura Ashley cover. It's days like this — children are the other side of the world, Charlie is in Berlin for another few days — when you appreciate your mama. It's not lost on me that it's Valentine's Day and last year I was sunk in a depression in a house with no electricity and no heating and she showed up with a flask of hot water, some milk, some tea bags. She is pretty amazing. And now I lie here stuffed with acetaminophen, sweating through the fever in my pajamas, with the dogs on the newly laundered linen sheets, and I feel grateful. So, so grateful. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and all the people that kindly keep up with this sporadic blog. Thank you. Every day I wake up and consider changing the world. And every day I don't. I believe the Truth will reveal itself when we are ready. But most of all let's think about love and what that is and what it means. It's kindness and cups of tea and trying to understand the other. 

It really is all that matters. 

Take care. ❤️



Lou said...

Oh I can relate; your mother and my mother sound so similar. Maybe it's the Scandi thing? The idea of a childhood bedspread and clean linen and cups of tea is utterly, quintessentially, unquestionably what should happen when you are ill. I hope you feel better soon and I always, always like what you write. Things you have written have stuck with me over the years of reading this blog so surely that's a sign?! L x

tedsmum said...

If millions of people each change the world in just one small way that is a big cumulative effect. Your blog makes me ponder and reflect and empathise and generally feel good and I'm just one reader. Please don't stop and get well soon xxx

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