Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pausch on Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Pausch on How to Achieve Your Childhood Dreams
  • We can't control the cards we're dealt, but only how we play them.
  • Focus not on problems or death, but on how to live.
  • Never give up dreams, childlike wonder, and enthusiasm.
  • We benefit and learn from pursuing dreams, even if we never achieve them.
  • Experience is what we get when we don't get what we wanted.
  • If no one tells us when we're doing a poor job, that means others have given up on us.
  • When someone pushes us, it's because they care that we are our best.
  • Rejection letters are inspirational -- one more avenue explored.
  • "Brick walls" are there to give us a chance to show how much we want "it."
  • Have fun all the time, every day. Consciously choose to enjoy life.
  • Humility is important.
  • Expressing creativity is more important than pristine surroundings -- let kids paint their dreams on their bedrooms walls, and forget the resale value.
  • No whining, no self-pity. ("When your father was your age, he was fighting the Germans.")
  • Value people over things.
  • Choose to be a "Tigger," not an "Eeyore."
  • Work and play well with others: tell the truth, apologize when wrong, and look for the best in others.
  • A true apology says, "I'm sorry. It was my fault. How can I make it right?"
  • No one is pure evil -- be patient, and the good side will show itself.
  • Show gratitude: It's simple and powerful.
  • Don't complain -- just work harder.
  • If we live life the right way, dreams will come to us, and karma will work itself out.
Randy Pausch died yesterday at the age of 47.

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