Saturday, August 02, 2008

Angels in my Hair

Before you turn away, take a look at this piece in the Telegraph, about Lorna Byrne, who sees and communicates with angels, and the book she has written about it, Angels In My Hair. This is excerpted from an interview with The Irish Times:

She describes angels as "beautiful creatures", and says they are universal entities, with no ties to any particular religion. Some people, she suggests, might be more comfortable describing them as "a higher wisdom" or an "gut instinct", an inner-voice urging you to, say, turn right instead of left, which if heeded can have positive results.

"They have represented themselves as angels to me, probably because I was brought up in the Catholic religion, but they are there for people of all religions and none," she says. "They are neither male nor female but can appear as both when they take human form, the brightness and colours of them are wonderful but they aren't like our colours. Every single person has a guardian angel, they never leave you. There are also teacher angels who support you. Sometimes I see an elderly person walking along and their angel is supporting them and I know that without the angels' help they wouldn't be able to walk so well."

And this, from the Irish Independent:

Obviously Lorna does encounter the cynics, those who think that she's not quite right in the head.

"I have to smile at that. These people are searching. They are looking for hope, looking for answers. I have spoken to people of all religions, many non-believers. I always find that the non-believers come away with more belief, because some of their questions are answered for them."

Even if you don't believe an iota of what Lorna claims, it's hard to deny that she speaks comfortingly wise words. "Life is for living. It's wonderful to feel alive, to feel the cold, the rain, the sun. We do take life for granted, and we shouldn't".

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