Monday, August 11, 2008

The Rielle Deal

One of the joys of JetBlue is the guilt-free, deep-fried (Mars bar) access to cable that you wouldn't usually have the time or inclination to gorge on. Parked on the ground at Kennedy for four hours, gives you the full compliment of crappy tv choices. One of those illicit channels is Fox News Channel. And let me tell you - I supped my fill on Geraldo Rivera's brilliant re-enactment of the John Edwards stand-off at the Beverly Hilton, using the actual National Enquirer reporter who did the sting operation. "This is bloody great tv" I spluttered to the woman next to me in 15B, between bites of my Lorna Doone cookies. Even better, even better is Sarah Miller's opinion piece about the Rielle/John Affaire in the Los Angeles Times today.

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Also Maureen Dowd weighs in!