Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A slightly off-kilter round up of today's papers

Why people believe in God is explored in this article from the Telegraph.
A regular at a South Tyneside pub, who happened to be a horse, has been banned.
A man's severed arm is saved in a bag of frozen sausage rolls.
An article on why your teenage children find you embarrassing.
Daniel Larison on the failure of the bailout package to pass.
The Somali Pirates spokesman gives an exclusive interview to the NYT.
Salon on the Sarah Palin Pity Party.
Nina Totenberg on Sarah Palin. (My friend Alden named his two cats Nina & Cokie, the most genius move ever in tribute to my two favorite women on the radio, Jamie Tarabay notwithstanding.)

And Happy Birthday Elie Wiesel!


Wzzy said...

I LOVE the story about teenage chagrin. So basically they're being selfish when mortified by you-the-parent: not worried that you're making a fool of yourself, but that you're making a fool out of them. It's perfect... and rings so true! :)

Miss Haphazard said...

A brilliant round up! Thank you for being my own private homepage. XXX