Wednesday, October 08, 2008


When I'm stuck in my little office and the sick child is in the shower and it's hotter than hell outside, even at five thirty, I do find it endearing when my little dalmatian, the seven year old, the one who's incontinent (she pees accidently) due to a loosened sphincter ("it happens a lot in spayed females due to lack of oestrogen" says Dr Richter matter-of-factly) and has crystals in her urine ("thank goodness it's not kidney stones yet but this a gene that humans and dalmatians share" says Dr Richter without a hint of irony) and has great tubes stitched into her ear after her hematoma surgery, comes sidling up to me and pushes her snoot into my lap and I see a thin line of dogfood on her lower lip, just like a canine "Got Milk" campaign. The perfection and levity of dogs never ceases to fill me with awe.

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Dawgs rawk!

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David (FoJ)